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Buy Outdoor Furniture Online

What works for you?

  • Wants + needs? Choose a setting to suit your needs.
  • Look at the different materials and how they will look in your outdoor area.
  • Does the outdoor furniture require assembly?

Match outdoor furniture to your style.

  • What is the colour scheme and style of your home?
  • Add a comfortable bench, sun lounge or side table to compliment a setting.
  • Can you mix and match to suit your needs?
  • Are small or large quantities a problem?

Consider the size of your outdoor area.

  • Measure your intended space.
  • Allow at least 500mm around each piece to avoid a crowded look and 750mm for traffic flow paths.
  • Don’t put too small a setting in a large open area, nor put too big a setting in a small area.
  • How many people do you entertain regularly?

Helpful and friendly outdoor furniture advice.

  • Check warranties, care instructions and maintenance of materials.
  • Count on it lasting for years, what wood preservatives do you use?
  • What payment methods are available?
  • Is shipping available Australia wide?

Considering the enviroment.

  • Does the timber source use sustainable harvesting methods.
  • Does the manufacturer use recycled timber?

Compare prices.

  • Quality & price… in most cases the better the quality, the higher the price.
  • Calculate delivery prices + logistics before buying.
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