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Distinguished Look with Commercial-Grade Outdoor Bar Furniture

Nothing generates an income for a commercial business or hospitality venue like a commercial stool. Without a place to seat a patron, no money is spent at your business. And that is why when it comes to your business or hospitality venue it is important to put your money down on high quality, commercial grade outdoor furniture bar stools or indoor bar stools.

Outdoor bar furniture that is both stylish to the look and rock solid enough to survive the wear and tear of a bar or hospitality environment is hard to come by. From car keys to rough and tumble bar patrons, commercial indoor bar stools need to take a beating and while perpetually providing a comfortable place to sit; the survival of your business relies on it.

Outdoor Furniture Online is a leading supplier of commercial stools throughout Australia and is a name that can be trusted with one of your businesses most important assets.

Quality Commercial Stools for Indoor and Outdoor

Our wide range of “all season” outdoor furniture bar stools are suitable for indoor and outdoor use –and will survive heavy beverage showers, icy air-conditioned flurries, and the dry hot Australian sun for years on end.

Diverse Outdoor Bar Furniture Selection

Choose from any design, style, or colour pallet to match your business branding and décor; from our traditional Gim bar stools or wood-top industrial Normandy Indoor to the more sophisticated yet affordable Monaco outdoor bar stool. Each of our outdoor bar furniture models come in different colours to choose from.

An Array of Functions

From hair-dressers to ye old neighbourhood pub, Outdoor Furniture Online has something for every business requirement.

View our stools online to see if there are any models that match your existing set, and come to our physical location in person to review the quality and craftsmanship of our commercial stools yourself. If we do not have what you're looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to get it for you. We value your business and look forward to being your preferred supplier of commercial stools and chairs.