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Your Complete Contemporary Outdoor Sun Lounges

No long hard day at work or at-home vacation is complete without a unique space to relax in, and our outdoor sun lounges provide just the right environment to dissolve your stress away. Melt into our comfortable and contemporary Gold Coast sun lounge chairs to read a book, take in some rays or sit poolside on our snappy Antico sun lounge collection seating.

Basking in the comfort and privacy of your own home is hard to do on rigid, outdated sun lounge furniture that is far beyond its prime.

And it is difficult to spend too many hours in the surroundings of the lush tranquil environment of your garden or pristine beach-front when your outdoor furniture looks like it fell off a barge, creaks, and leaves rust stains on your skin and clothing. If a look out your window leaves you feeling like your backyard needs a makeover, you may want to visit Outdoor Furniture Online and take advantage of our teak outdoor furniture. In the least, you may want to browse our store or central showroom if only just for inspiration.

Quality Outdoor Sun Lounges makes for Quality Time

Steal away moments with good friends and family and pass the time at the beach or in the backyard with outdoor sun lounges furniture that thoughtfully conforms to your personal tastes instead of looking aesthetically awkward. Quality time calls for quality outdoor furniture that feels almost invisible against your skin like you're floating on air, so you can give your attention where it matters most.

Spaces for Living

Our outdoor sun lounge furniture looks great against the backdrop of your home, in the garden, a contemporary sun room, on the beach or by the pool.

Outdoor Furniture Online understands that nothing should come between you and your time in the sun, so all of our furniture is hand-picked by our friendly and knowledgeable outdoor furniture specialists. Quality, style, and value are our top priority and help to make us your number one choice for contemporary outdoor sun lounges and teak outdoor furniture.