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Outdoor Lawn Furniture

Smarten up an outdoor space or bring a visual element to an area with some casual outdoor lawn furniture. Variety of styles, sizes and choice of timbers – create your own setting combination.

We offer different types of solid wood and timber for our wooden outdoor furniture.

CYPRESS outdoor lawn furniture

  • Termite resistant.
  • Unique markings, distinct grain and lively colour combinations.
  • Solid and Durable.
  • Harvested from Australian managed forests.

IRONBARK outdoor lawn furniture

  • Low maintenance and hard wearing, perfect for outdoor use.
  • Blends of earthy red tones.
  • Harvested from Australian managed forests.

KWILA outdoor lawn furniture

  • Superb weathering qualities and strength – making it ideal for outdoor use.
  • Manufactured from timber that reflects responsible international forest management.
  • Rot and termite resistant.
  • Deep rich interlocked grain.

SONOKELING outdoor lawn furniture

  • Sonokeling possesses a unique quality of a wild colour range with beautifully marked irregular markings from deep purple brown, grey-reddish brown to reddish brown-black.
  • Extreme durability.
  • Resistant to the influence of moisture due to an oily substance present in the timber.
  • Excellent outdoor durability, low maintenance and a long term investment.
  • Everybody loves kwila.

TEAK outdoor lawn furniture

  • Teak is virtually impervious to all weather conditions.
  • Resistant to rot.
  • Straight grained with an uneven coarse texture.
  • Distinct aromatic scent.
  • Has a very high resistance to termites as its natural oil acts as a repellant to insects.
  • Requires little or no maintenance and develops a beautiful silver grey patina from exposure to the elements.

In the manufacturing of our outdoor lawn furniture we select timbers that will stand the test of time and protect them against the sometimes harsh Australian climate with a penetrative quality timber oil.

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