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MK Suggested Kwila Outdoor Timber Setting 11

MK Suggested Kwila Outdoor Timber Setting 11
Price $1550.00

Table: MK Rectangular Islander Kwila Outdoor Timber Table
L: 1500mm W: 1050mm H: 720mm Weight: 47kg
Timber: Kwila  (also known as Merbau)

Bench: MK Umi Kwila Outdoor Timber Bench
W: 900mm H: mm D base: mm D seat: mm Seat H: mm Weight: 14kg
Timber: Kwila
Bench: MK Minj Kwila Outdoor Timber Bench
W: 1200mm H: mm D base: mm D seat: mm Seat H: mm Weight: 18kg
Timber: Kwila

The items above from our MK Outdoor Furniture range are pieces of high-end outdoor Kwila (Merbau) timber furniture. MK specialise in providing expertly manufactured timber furniture – kiln dried – sourced from environmentally friendly managed forest areas of Papua New Guinea. Clients choose them for their expertise in the business, founded over 40 years ago, and their ability to combine high end quality with customer care, without the high-end pricing.

Kwila(Merbau) timber – kiln dried – Select Grade
Deep rich interlocked grain
Very high hardness rating
Kwila has superb weathering qualities – ideal outdoors
Does not rot, warp, peel or crack
Kwila remains unaffected by all variations in weather especially its resistance to damp conditions
Not subject to insect infestation
Manufactured from timber that reflects responsible international forest management
Thoughtfully designed to be re-assembled
PNG Grown     PNG Made     Australian Owned
Suitable outdoor

We recommend coating with high quality timber protective oil Cutek® CD50 ready for outdoors.
* Cutek® CD50 won’t form a film instead diffuses through timber controlling moisture from the inside;
* significantly slows down the rate of moisture exchange between wood and the environment;
* stabilises timber by controlling moisture for many years, minimising movement;
* is not a film so does not need to be removed before recoating, greatly simplifying maintenance.
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