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Recycled Timber Table

Recycled Timber Table
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This Recycled Timber Table was the product of some very old timber supplied to us by a local client. The timber had been lying in wait on his Dad’s property for many years and when his Dad passed away he asked us to come up with a table using only this timber.

We had a lot of pieces of timber at our disposal, but we didn’t have a lot to work with in regards to widths of the timber. The thick table top called for some really solid legs so we laminated two lengths together to pull off a bulkier looking appearance.

The final process of the table was to give it a good coat of oil. The timber, having been so old, really soaked up the oil and it was a very pleasant surprise to see the varied rich colours show through as a result.

Do you like a bit of this and a bit of that from our other tables?

…then why settle for an outdoor table made to suit the majority and not you and your outdoor area specifically?

When you customise your table you choose exactly what you want your new table to look like! Choose from our different types of timber, table lengths, widths & heights – to many more customise options. Whatever options you pick – you’ll get the indoor or outdoor area for your home or commercial area you envisaged it would be. Our one-of-a-kind tables are sure to spark dinner conversation and many compliments from guests!

While some of our recycled tables are suitable to use outdoors, make sure you specify while ordering if you plan to use your table outside so we can recommend an appropriate timber. Through the custom project process, we will discuss factors such as location & exposure within your outdoor area to advise you on the best choice of timber and finish to ensure your furniture will stand the test of time.

Keep in mind while each recycled piece of timber is unique, dimensions (usually the width) may vary a little.

L: 2400mm
W: 1100mm
H: 760mm
Top: Customer supplied timber        Frame: Customer supplied timber

Customer supplied mixed hardwood timber
Table available cross or classic square legs
Australian Made    Australian Owned
Suitable for outdoor under cover & indoor

Product coated with high quality timber protective oil Cutek® CD50 ready for outdoors.
* Cutek® CD50 won’t form a film instead diffuses through timber controlling moisture from the inside;
* significantly slows down the rate of moisture exchange between wood and the environment;
* stabilises timber by controlling moisture for many years, minimising movement;
* is not a film so does not need to be removed before recoating, greatly simplifying maintenance.

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Because a Recycled Timber Table is made in Australia you benefit from being able to source a locally manufactured product made to a high standard using the finest materials.


Australian Made    Australian Owned

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